Frequently Asked Questions

Nanoshi 4.0 Particle Spray

What is the difference between Nanoshi and other alternatives?

Is Nanoshi’s particle spray safe to use?

Is Nanoshi harmful to the environment?

Is Nanoshi’s particle spray flammable?

How do I apply the Nano 4.0 Particle Spray?

Will my shoes still be able to breathe with the coating applied?

How many pairs of sneakers can I spray with one bottle of Nanoshi Particle Spray?

Will Nanoshi cause discoloration?

How much spray should I use?

How long does my Nanoshi coating last?

Does Nanoshi’s coating spray have an expiration date?

Will my sneakers be absolutely invincible after I use the coating?

What materials is Nanoshi suited for?

What materials is Nanoshi not suited for?

Shipping & Returns

What countries does Nanoshi ship to?

How long will I have to wait for my order?

I haven’t received my order, what now?

I misentered my shipping address and now my package was returned to sender. Will you reship my order?

Can you tell me about Nanoshi's refund policy?

Other Questions

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